The Department of Scientific and Education activity of ISC offers the programs for foreigners who would like to improve their Russian, mostly for different specific scientific purposes.

  • Short-term programs:
    You have the opportunity to take a 3- or 12-week intensive course of Russian language training.

We also offer summer programs: Russian Language, or Russian Language plus Geography, Ecology, History.

  • Our teachers:
    Our teachers are experts in the instruction of the Russian language. In all lessons students will be expected to complete complicated tasks and will be motivated to reach difficult goals. In student groups, teachers help to organize educational out-of-classroom activities. They also help students to familiarize themselves with the culture and history of the Russian people.
  • Your progress:
    We will regularly check your written and oral language skills and give feedback on your progress, so you know what you have learned. Students could be offered to undergo uniform government testing in the Russian language and receive official Ministry of Education certificate**.

    **Currently, the Russian Ministry of Education testing system for foreign students recognizes 2 levels of elementary Russian language knowledge, and 4 levels of certified Russian language mastery as a foreign student. Each testing level corresponds to the attainment of designated sets of knowledge and practical communication skills under various conditions and in various spheres of activity.

    A certificate for the first level of Russian language mastery acknowledges that the student is capable of satisfying basic needs in everyday social and cultural spheres. It guarantees essential communication skills in the linguistic environments of the workplace, of education, and of tourism. This certificate also allows the student to start studying at a Russian institute of higher education.

    A certificate for the second level of Russian language mastery acknowledges a sufficient level of competency in all spheres of communication. This level allows a person to carry on professional activities in a capacity as a specialist in the areas of the humanities, engineering and technical fields, and natural sciences. Successful completion of Russian Language as a Foreign Student - Second Level (TRKI-2) also gives the right to receive a baccalaureate degree in a field other than Russian philology from a Russian institute of higher education, and to enter a master's degree program at a Russian university.

    A certificate for the third level of Russian language mastery acknowledges a high level of competency in all spheres of communication, which allows the holder to carry on professional activities in a capacity as a philologist, translator/interpreter, editor, journalist, diplomat, manager, head of a professional enterprise, and as a teacher of the Russian language.

    A certificate for the fourth level of Russian language mastery acknowledges fluency in the Russian language in all spheres of activity. Testing at this level is conducted in the form of a government-certified examination, and gives the right to receive a diploma at a master's- or doctorate-level in any field or specialty.
  • Accommodation. 
    Our students are offered two options for housing: 
    - either in single or dual occupancy rooms located in 3 room flats near ISC and within 10 minutes distance from the classrooms
    - or in an apartment at one of homestays.
  • Culture and Social Activity. Each week we offer cultural events which give our students a way to experience on a first-hand basis. Each week, we take our students to cultural events ranging from concerts, theaters, outdoor cultural events once on a weekday and the other on the weekend. These events are at extra cost. 
  • Contact Information - telephone: (3952) 45-31-66, 45-30-77 - e-mail: