International activities

The Irkutsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS cooperates with European and Asian institutions of science and education. Collaborative researches are conducted in the field of seismology and seismic safety, energy and energy conservation, solar-terrestrial physics, chemistry and pharmaceutics, information and telecommunication technologies, geography and geopolitics and a number of other disciplines.

The closest links have been established with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences of (MAS) and its divisions. Within the partnership, collaborative projects are implemented, exchange visits are regularly held. Since 2012 MAS has a representative office in the SB RAS. In 2016, the first Russian-Mongolian youth conference was held, bringing together more than 200 young scientists from both countries.


Representative of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences Dr. Sodnomsambuu Demberel and the Scientific Director of the Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS, Academician of RAS Igor V. Bychkov during the signing of the Cooperation Agreement